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Toronto, Canada – December 13th, 2022 – Danilee Capital (“Danilee”) announced an investment in the Addmore Group Inc. (“Addmore”), a provider of SAP staffing solutions headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with operations across Canada and the US.

Addmore is Canada’s most recognised SAP staffing firm. Their superior knowledge of the industry, understanding of its customers’ requirements and global talent acquisition reach make them the leading SAP recruiting firm in Canada.

“We are thrilled to enter this phase of growth at Addmore. Partnering with Danilee provides us with the funding, resources and expertise required to pursue strategic initiatives and expansion that will allow us to increase the level of support to our customers and the SAP ecosystem as a whole,” said Hylton Maizels, CEO, Addmore.

Danilee is a private equity firm with a focus on buying and holding businesses. This investment in Addmore is its second platform acquisition in their fund launched earlier this year. Addmore’s market-leading position and robust management team make it a strong strategic fit for Danilee.

“We’re excited to work with Addmore’s founders, who remain shareholders, and the rest of the Addmore team to bring additional resources and help grow the business. The team’s deep knowledge of the SAP universe and their customers’ needs sets them apart and has created a foundation that can be easily expanded upon,” said Lindsay Wilson, Managing Partner, Danilee. “Corporate and government investment in digital transformation continues to grow rapidly on a global scale. Our partnership with Addmore will enable them to expand their service offerings to meet the current and future needs of their customers, and further cement their status as the leading staffing solutions provider in SAP and the broader digital transformation market,” added Derrick Ho, Managing Partner, Danilee.

About Addmore Group
Addmore Group Inc. was established in 1992 and is focused exclusively on providing SAP staffing solutions. With more than three decades supporting the SAP marketplace globally, Addmore is Canada’s, and one of North America’s, leading providers of top quality, cost-effective SAP staffing solutions. Addmore supports a variety of clients including SAP, software vendors, consulting firms and companies running SAP. www.addmoregroup.com

About Danilee Capital
Danilee Capital is a Canadian-based private equity investor focused on middle market companies in traditional industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and service companies. Danilee utilizes a long-term investment strategy that incorporates broad employee ownership and is committed to supporting management teams and businesses in creating enduring value. www.danilee.ca

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